Reimagining the Queen’s Park Farm

We want your ideas to help create a NEW, long-term future for the farm space at Queen’s Park. The farm has been a well-used and loved component of the park, which has been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This summer we are filling the farm with temporary programming, and starting in fall 2021 we are pursuing a possible pilot program related to food security and urban agriculture. However, the longer-term future of the farm is open for new ideas!

Before the pandemic, New Westminster Parks and Recreation started re-considering the long-standing use of the space as a petting farm. With current animal welfare practices, and growing numbers of visitors to the farm, it has become clear that the farm space is not large enough to comfortably house the type of livestock farm-goers have enjoyed. The comfort and care of the animals has always been the City’s top priority. Our farm staff have always provided the best possible care to our animals, but we know going forward that the current space has become insufficient.

The pause in farm operations due to the pandemic has provided an opportunity to try out different programming in the space, and start a community conversation about what this space could be in the future.

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