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Thursday, Oct 14, 2021

Monday, Oct 18, 2021

Police warn of increase of Theft from Autos from inside parkades

Some people get a false sense of security when they park their car inside a parkade. While the locking door and walls of a parkade is another layer of protection against theft from auto, it is not a guarantee. Criminals in New Westminster are making a concerted effort to sneak into or forcibly break into parkades. This increase has prompted the NWPD to warn all residents who use parkades in the Downtown and Queensborough neighbourhoods to remove all valuables from their vehicles. If a thief doesn’t see anything in your vehicle, chances are likely they will move on. NWPD are directing resources to address this increase, but we need your help. Please share this warning with friends and family.

If you see people acting suspiciously outside your parkade please call our non-emergency line at 604-525-5411. If you witness people actively breaking into vehicles please call 9-1-1.