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Moody Park Outdoor Fitness Area

Construction on a new outdoor fitness area in Moody Park has begun, and installation is planned to begin April 19. While the playground at Moody Park is popular with children, adults who want to work out can head to the new fitness area nearby. The list of equipment below was selected to accommodate a diverse range of ages and abilities:

  1. Stationary Hand Bike (accessible)
  2. Monkey Bars
  3. Calisthenics Structures:
    • incline bench
    • parallel bars (accessible)
    • push up bar
    • decline press
    • Swedish ladder
    • human flagpole
    • pull up station

Pedestrians may be temporarily rerouted from the walkway between the New West Youth Centre and the soccer field. Construction is anticipated to be completed by April 30.

Project contact: Darren Miller, Parks and Open Space Planner at