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Notice of Disposition of Land

Whereas the City Council of the Corporation of the City of New Westminster wishes to license a 430 sq. ft. area (more or less) of the boulevard south of 601 Queens Avenue, which land is not available to the public. The space will be used for outdoor play space for the daycare operating at 601 Queens Avenue. Therefore, the Corporation of the City of New Westminster hereby gives notice subject to Section 26(3) and 94 of the Community Charter:

(a)  The land is more particularly described as: That part of the Queens Avenue boulevard lying south of 601 Queens Avenue as approximately shown in the diagram below.

(b)  The City proposes to license the above described property to: 1252530 BC Ltd. doing business as EARLY STEPS 

(c)  The nature of the disposition: a license for 5 years from April 1, 2023 to April 1, 2028.

(d)  The consideration for which the Purchaser shall pay to the city:  The sum of $1,075.00 per annum.

For more information concerning this license, please contact Christy Mereigh, Manager, Strategic Projects, 604-527-4502

Peter DeJong

Corporate Officer