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[February 18, 2021]

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Start planning your spring break activities

The Spring Break Brochure is now available!

Now hiring firefighters

Competitive salaries, excellent organizational culture, great benefits and pension plan, plus a schedule that allows for ideal work/life balance makes for a lifelong, fulfilling, and exciting career.

Agnes Greenway Survey

Take the survey and be entered to win a prize!

A Photographic Tour of Industrial New Westminster

Looking at it today, it might be hard to believe that New Westminster was once a city of industry and manufacturing.

The Heat Is On at Irving House: Curatorial Tour

In association with 2020’s feature exhibition, The Heat Is On: Keeping Warm Then, Keeping Cool Now, join our team on a Zoom tour to see how the original residents of Irving House used historical gadgets to keep warm


Heritage Revitalization Agreement Bylaw No. 8235, 2020 (HER00752) and Heritage Designation Bylaw No. 8236, 2020 for 404 Second Street (HER00754)


Zoning Text Amendment Bylaw No. 8250, 2021 for 1135 Tanaka Court (REZ00206)


Draft 2021-2025 Financial Plan


Zoning Amendment Bylaw (Secondary Suite Requirements) No. 8154, 2021

Bag it. Bin it.

If you are using disposable masks or other personal hygiene products, please dispose of them properly by bagging them in a closed plastic bag and placing them securely into a garbage bin. Thank you.

Wear a mask to protect New West

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