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[January 13, 2022]

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Garbage Collection Delays

We are continuing to experience garbage collection delays due to snow and ice. If your bins were missed, know that we have your address on our list to go back for collection as soon as conditions allow.

Special Recycling Drop-off

Saturday, Jan 15, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, 901 First Street. As garbage collection has been disrupted, we'll also be taking up to 2 regular lg-sized bags of residential garbage (<50 lbs) from residents plus pre-sorted glass, styrofoam, other flexible plastics & soft plastics.

High Stream Flow Advisory

Please use caution when around the Fraser River shoreline and to please keep children and pets out of and away from fast-moving water.

2022 Schedule of Council Meetings

The 2022 schedule of council meetings is now available on our website at

2022 Waiver Application For Seniors Living Alone

If you have reached the age of 65 you may qualify for a waiver of 25% of your 2022 single family residential flat rate utilities if you meet all the following requirements.

Notice of Initiative Plan for the Downtown New Westminster Business Improvement Areas Service

It is the intention of the Corporation of the City of New Westminster to create two Business Improvement Area Services in Downtown New Westminster pursuant to Section 215(2) of the Community Charter.

Keep Plastic Bags Out of the Green Bin

Plastic and plastic-lined bags do not go in the green bin - even the ones labelled "biodegradable" or "compostable". When they end up in the green bin, they can cause operational problems, may not break down properly during processing, and may contaminate the finished compost.

Events Calendar

Saturday, January 15