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Public Hearing

MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2022 AT 6:00 PM

Meeting held electronically and open to public attendance in Council Chamber, City Hall

Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 8341, 2022 for 735 Eighth Avenue (Massey Theatre)


The proposed Zoning Bylaw text amendment would allow a Liquor Primary (LP) licence as a permitted use at 735 Eighth Avenue. With the recent purchase of the property by the City, the Massey Theatre Society has submitted a concurrent but separate event-driven LP licence application to the Province in order to continue serving liquor in conjunction with theatre performances and other arts-related events, without having to apply for individual Special Event Permits for each event as in the past. The proposed occupant load is 1,819 persons (plus an additional 364 persons provided that they are solely in the Studio 1C gymnasium). The site’s primary use as a theatre remains the same, and no additions or exterior building changes are proposed.

As the City is the property owner, the public input process for the LP licence application will be conducted separately by the Province’s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch.


From June 16 to June 27, 2022, copies of the proposed bylaws and related material are available for inspection at Legislative Services, City Hall 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, and online at:


  • Written submissions by email, post, or dropping off at the mailbox on the north side of City Hall are welcome and encouraged.
  • Speak at the meeting by computer, smart device or phone via Zoom:
  1. Computer, Smartphone or Tablet: go to, and click or tap the Meeting ID button
  2. Phone: Call 778-907-2071. Enter meeting ID 655 9404 5919, followed by #
  • Speak in person at the meeting. A mask is recommended.


Starting at 8:30 am on June 16, 2022, register online at, or contact Legislative Services to comment, register to speak, or make an appointment:

Phone: 604-527-4523


Legislative Services Department,

511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3L 1H9


Written comments received by 5:00 pm, three business days before the meeting will be included in the agenda package. Later comments received until the close of the hearing will be distributed on table at the meeting. All comments are published.

Jacque Killawee, City Clerk